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Nancy Gunzberg  

wanted. Experiencing core emotions opens the way to physical and psychological well being, helping us to become more appropriately responsive and less reactive. This helps restore us to our truest self, tapping into the resources we were born with. The process opens us to a simple, elegant map that relieves suffering.

Most commonly people struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship problems. These symptoms mask an inability to face difficult core emotions like sadness, fear and anger that often get buried under shame, guilt and blame. In therapy we learn to face these feelings by increasing our tolerance, exploring how they served us adaptively at one time and deeply feeling and releasing what was once intolerable. Only then can we be fully present and alive.

My specialties are working with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, relationships and trauma. I work actively to help you

define your vision for yourself, resolve issues quickly and establish long term change in the least amount of time possible. ​​My psychodynamic approach draws from the current fields of neurobiology, somatics, Mindfulness Meditation and Attachment Theory to mobilize the innate healing capacities and resources within you. ​Together we identify and work through the source of your difficulty, stimulating deep, sustainable change. 

​​​​Welcome! Congratulations, you've taken the first courageous step by inquiring into therapy. By considering psychotherapy as a means to working with the challenges facing you, you’ve already started on a journey of healing and transformation. As a Santa Barbara Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, it would be my privilege to join you on that journey towards finding the freedom to live a fuller, happier life.​ 

​The accelerated treatment I offer helps you see, feel and understand the emotional blocks that keep you from living the life you've always 

​​​I specialize in individual adult psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California, as a licensed clinical social worker. My practice is founded on the view that we can use our depressions, anxieties, traumas, and problematic relationships as bridges to transform ourselves.